Warranty certificate

Warranty certificate

This guarantee certificate is in accordance with the legal requirements in force for the sale of silver jewelry. They are marked as follows:

  • EST - own guarantee brand - registered brand at ANPC
  • Silver alloy title – S925
  • State mark - sign marked by ANPC DMP

SC ESTEEMED JEWELRY SRL provides a 30-day guarantee for silver jewelry purchased from us. This warranty covers any manufacturing or material defects that may occur within the specified period.

This guarantee is valid in accordance with the laws in force in Romania and with the conditions and terms specified below:

  1. The warranty applies only to products purchased from our company and cannot be transferred to another person.
  2. The warranty does not apply to jewelry that shows signs of wear or damage caused by improper use, including damage caused by using the jewelry in water, during sports activities or while sleeping.
  3. Any warranty claim must be made within 30 days of the date of product purchase.
  4. SC ESTEEMED JEWELRY SRL reserves the right to decide whether the defect is covered by the warranty or not and, if so, will repair or replace the defective product.
  5. In the case of falling stones from the composition of the jewel, Esteemed
  6. If a product cannot be repaired or replaced, a discount equal to the purchase price of the product will be given.
  7. The warranty does not cover product shipping and handling costs.

To benefit from our warranty, please keep the warranty certificate and purchase invoice. For any question or additional information, please contact us by email or phone.

Warranty certificate issue date: [issue date] Warranty duration: 30 days


Any request related to the guarantee should be sent in writing to esteemedlondon@gmail.com and a picture of the product showing the defect, a picture of the Certificate of Guarantee issued based on the order made and delivered and an explicit detail will be attached of the way in which the failure occurred. If we do not receive the above, we will request them by e-mail. The answer to the request will be given in max. 24h. 


The commercial guarantee certificate accompanies the online order purchased together with the tax invoice, a document sent to the e-mail from the order placed on the esteemedlondon.com website. The commercial guarantee certificate covers the authenticity of the material, silver 925, the closing systems, the way of making and not improper use, breakage by hanging, breakage caused by using the products while sleeping, activities, household, fitness, running, etc. For more details see Chap. Warranty Terms and Conditions.


  1. ESTEEMED, online store operated by SC ESTEEMED JEWELRY SRL with headquarters in Falticeni, str. Libertatii, no. 12, having CIF RO23923625, J40/8866/2008, holder of the Authorization issued by ANPC, No. 10973 for carrying out operations with precious metals and precious stones, ensures, guarantees and declares on its own responsibility, according to the provisions of art. 5 of HG no. 1022/2002 regarding the regime of products and services that can endanger life, health, work safety and environmental protection, that the silver and gold jewelry, sold by the company, do not endanger life, health, work safety, do not have a negative impact on the environment and are in accordance with EU norms. 
  1. All sold silver jewelry is checked and certified, has a purity of 92.5% and bears the mark of the ANPC - Metals and Precious Stones department according to the legislation, which guarantees the quality of the precious metal used, or the EST mark of responsibility.


  1. All ESTEEMED products are expertly tested before being sent to the Customer, they are analyzed:
  • if they have all the stones;
  • if it has scratches;
  • if the closures are good and do not block;
  • if it shows changes from handling;
  • if it is bent;
  1. Each ESTEEMED jewel is cleaned and handled easily while it is placed in the box, before being sent to the customer.
  2. After receiving the order, if the Customer considers that he has a product that does not comply with the above, he is asked to send to the e-mail address: eesteemedlondon@gmail.con a picture of the product and the detected defect, immediately.
  3. If the Customer receives the product, starts using it and inadvertently hits it, scratches it, subjects it to mechanical shocks, he cannot claim its replacement, saying that this is how the product was delivered to him. The verification of the correctness of the complaint will also be done with the delivery person of the package, the time at which the delivery was made will be analyzed, with the time at which the notice was made that the product was inadequate upon receipt, the box it arrived with will be analyzed, if it shows traces of shocks, which could cause non-conformity of the product.



  1. All ESTEEMED products are delivered with care and with a commercial guarantee for a period of 30 days from the date of receipt of the order. Manufacturing defects will be repaired with care and free of charge, as long as the product complies with the warranty terms and conditions ;
  2. All repair requests will be subject to inspection and expertise by our team, before the request is processed, by requesting additional information through the chosen communication method, via e-mail.
  3. If the ESTEEMED quality assurance team determines that the damage was not caused by a manufacturing defect, the customer will be notified of this and if repair services are available with costs.
  4. If, after the expertise, it is found that the product of the customer who requested the warranty repair is not due to any manufacturing defect, the customer does not want to repair the product against the cost, the cost of round trip transportation is his responsibility and is 30 lei and will be paid in cash upon receipt of the package;


  1. The commercial, legal guarantee is granted for a period of 30 days from the date of taking possession of the purchased products, and it certifies that the product is made of 925 silver, at least verified by ANPC for products that exceed 2 g, according to the law;
  1. The commercial guarantee does not cover the wear and tear of the product, regardless of how much time has passed since it was acquired, deformations, scratches or any other form of accidental damage, misuse, negligence, unauthorized repairs/modifications/adjustments by third parties or even by the buyer, fireworks made to the products, massive wear and tear, etc.;
  2. The commercial guarantee is not granted for plating. The preservation of the plating depends on the way the jewel is used and not on the veracity of the material. Massive wear (24h/24h) will lead to cleaning the plating. Plating cleaning is not the subject of the commercial guarantee granted according to the legislation in force GEO no. 140/30.12.2021 and GEO no. 140/2021.
  1. Refunds cannot be requested for products that no longer correspond to the products delivered following the orders made, these being broken, damaged, bent, worn, with traces of use, oxidized, lost, carelessly handled, etc.; 
  1. The commercial warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, oxidation and/or damage caused by loss, theft, misuse, accidents, negligent or willfully malicious handling.
  1. The commercial guarantee does not cover damage caused by moisture, the loss of the plating of the jewel, the cleaning of the purchased jewel in such a way that it leads to the loss of the plating;
  1. If any part of the jewelry (including but not limited to stones, chains, clasps, etc.) falls out, it should be returned with its parts, before any attempt is made to repair it. ESTEEMED assumes no responsibility for missing parts or stones.
  1. The commercial guarantee is not granted for: discoloration, product color change due to exposure to chemicals, make-up, swimming pools, hot baths, bathing, chemical and toxic environments, humidity;
  1. The commercial guarantee is not granted for scratches, bends, catches of the jewelry, destruction in the area of ​​the claws that catch the stones, due to negligence or other damages;
  1. The commercial guarantee is not granted for lost or stolen products;
  1. For jewels with stones, in the case of the stones coming off/falling off during the warranty period, the seller will replace them free of charge, within 5 days, only in cases where this is not attributable to the Buyer. According to law 449/2003, art. 11 para. 2, the buyer cannot ask for the replacement of the jewel due to the falling of the stones.


  1. In the event that during the warranty period (which is 30 days), a product has a defect due to manufacturing, or: the fastener gets stuck, it comes off, a stone falls, other defects (not related to improper use), it will be subject to a specialized expertise and the defect will be fixed free of charge.
  2. The product sent for repair will be accompanied by the warranty certificate, on the basis of which a repair and verification sheet will be issued, which will highlight the name of the repaired product, the defect, the solution, and the warranty applied to the repair, the date of leaving the service and date of entry into service.
  1. The products accepted for repair will be brought to the initial stage, and will be handed over together with the Repair Sheet. Any repair made to the product will have a 14-day guarantee.
  1. If the defect is repeated in 14 days, the product will again be subjected to expertise and the problem remedied. If the product defect is repeated after the warranty period granted for the repair, the product will no longer be subject to expertise, the defect being due to improper use and not one due to manufacturing or material defect.


  1. For plated products, with yellow, white, rhodium, rose gold, greater attention is recommended to preserve the color for a long time. The fading of the plating depends strictly on each individual use, so it is not recommended: using gold-plated jewelry in direct contact with water for a long time, bringing the product into contact with destructive environments, dust, smoke, solvents, adhesives, acids, salts, etc. . A normal, natural wear of the plated product means the fading of the color over time, or the fading of the color in places, without bringing deficiencies to the base material. Products plated with yellow gold do not behave like products made of pure 14k, 18k or 24k gold. For gold-plated rings, they will fade faster than gold-plated chains or gold-plated earrings.
  1. According to law 449/2003, art. 11 para. 2, the buyer cannot ask for the replacement of the jewel due to the falling of the stones. Any repair to products within the warranty period will be carried out free of charge or the product will be replaced, under the conditions of OG no. 21/1992 revised, if it is confirmed that a defect in material or workmanship was the cause of such damage, rather than improper use of the product by the buyer.
  1. If the jewelry cannot be repaired, we can replace the defective jewelry with a similar model, another model of the same value, or we can return its value. According to OG 21/1992, the guarantee consists in the free remedy of defects that appear in the products within the guarantee period and which are not imputable to the consumer. Consumer rights are in accordance with OG no. 21/1992 republished and LAW no. 449/2003, as well as other subsequent changes. The consumer's rights are not affected by the warranty conditions provided in this Warranty Certificate.