Our products are carefully selected from various international producers who have the necessary quality certifications. All precious metal products sold by esteemedlondon.com are checked by ANPC DMP and marked (in accordance with the legislation in force) with our responsibility mark and with the mark of the National Authority for Consumer Protection - Directorate for Precious Metals, thus guaranteeing the quality of the metal precious used. These products are delivered together with a certificate confirming that our products are made of the specified precious metal and meet the parameters and quality requirements in accordance with the rules in force.

The vast majority of 925 silver jewelry sold by us is plated with rhodium or yellow / rose gold. Due to its very high hardness, rhodium is used to plate other precious metals to give them protection against wear and a shiny appearance.

Esteemedlondon.com guarantees the remedy of hidden manufacturing defects and inconsistency with the characteristics of the jewelry ordered, for 30 days, excluding damages caused by accidents, lack of care, inappropriate wear or non-compliance with the conditions of use and storage of the precious metal jewelry presented below.

In order to best protect and extend the life of silver jewelry and other precious metals, it is necessary to follow the recommendations below:

  • Avoid contact of jewelry with water, detergents, cosmetic and chemical or corrosive products, to avoid staining/discoloration and/or peeling of the stones (Swarovski elements crystals, semi-precious stones, pearls, etc.) and damage to the precious metal. Precious metal jewelry can be damaged if it comes into contact with cosmetic sprays or any other petrochemical product. Organic materials: crystals, semi-precious stones, pearls, coral, shells, mother-of-pearl are sensitive to cosmetic and petrochemical products.
  • Protect the jewelry from shocks, gently open bracelets, earrings, necklaces, chains, etc.
  • The jewelry will not be worn during physical contact activities or that result in profuse sweating, in order to avoid scratching the surface layer, ungluing/detachment of the stones/parts or removing the surface layer of the jewelry.
  • Do not wear the jewelry while sleeping, to avoid damage or injury.
  • To care for the jewelry and preserve its shine, we recommend you to use a soft textile material, especially for cleaning them, and in no case use solvents or chemicals.

  • Also, do not use perfumes or fixing spray in the vicinity of jewelry.

  • Do not store jewelry in the open air, in a humid environment, in cardboard boxes, paper or wooden bags - wood, oak in particular, contains an acid that accelerates its yellowing, but only in cotton bags, individually, in place dry.
  • Do not glue the fallen stones with super glue or any other type of glue.

  • In the case of adjustable rings, their widening or tightening must be done carefully and gradually, on a spindle, so that the deformation of the metal takes place on the entire circumference of the ring (in case of contract there is a risk of fracturing).

In the case of stones falling from the jewelry component during the warranty period, esteemedlondon.com will fix the stones within a reasonable time (only in situations where this is not attributable to the buyer) but does not assume responsibility for their loss. In case of loss of the stones, to repair the jewel, it will be necessary to pay the value of the new stones.

During the warranty period, if you have a complaint and want to send a product for repair, please make sure that the product is sent in the original packaging (or in a comparable packaging for shock protection/resistance) together with the invoice / tax receipt and guarantee certificate.

Any repair to products within the warranty period will be carried out free of charge or the product will be replaced, under the conditions of OG no. 21/1992 revised, if it is confirmed that a defect in material or workmanship was the cause of such damage, rather than improper use of the product by the buyer.

If the jewelry cannot be repaired, depending on your choice, we can replace the defective jewelry with a similar model, another model of the same value, or we can return its value. According to OG 21/1992, the guarantee consists in the free remedy of defects that appear in the products within the guarantee period and which are not imputable to the consumer.

Consumer rights are in accordance with OG no. 21/1992 republished and OG no. 140/2021, as well as other subsequent changes. The consumer's rights are not affected by the warranty conditions

For products that do not contain precious metals, the consumer is granted a legal guarantee of compliance according to the provisions of GEO no. 140/2021 regarding the sale of products and the guarantees associated with them and with those of Government Ordinance no. 21/1992 on consumer protection.